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Beautiful breasts after pregnancy

Actual patient

Many women fear the inevitable weight gain and physical changes of pregnancy, even though it's normal and healthy. The average weight gain with pregnancy can range from 25 lbs to 50 lbs or more.

Due to hormone fluctuations with pregnancy and size changes, the breasts are affected before, during and after pregnancy. The breasts usually start increasing in size after the first 8 weeks. Some women’s breasts may increase as much as one or two cup sizes.

After pregnancy or when breast feeding is completed the breasts size will likely decrease. This decrease can leave the breasts droopy without volume.

Breast size changes and breast feeding can cause changes to the size, shape and appearance of the breasts. After or during pregnancy the breasts may also develop stretch marks, lax skin and changes in the size and color of the nipple areolar.

No matter what changes occur to the breasts from pregnancy, the appearance can be improved with plastic surgery and the skills of an experienced Plastic Surgeon.

Plastic surgery solutions

Post pregnancy mothers have no fear, Dr. Corbin is here. As a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 20 years experience he has helped many women restore their bodies after child birth. Generally, Dr. Corbin recommends women wait to have plastic surgery after pregnancy once their hormones are back to normal, they are not laxtating and they have lost as much of the ,”baby fat” they can. “The patient will get the best results if they are at their ideal or close to their ideal weight when they have surgery”, according to Dr. Fred Corbin.

Breast surgery options

Surgery options for women post pregnancy may be a breast lift with or without an augmentation. The goal of plastic surgery is to give the patient the optimum result.

If a patient has droopy breasts, excess skin and droopy enlarged nipple areolars then they would most likely benefit from a mastopexy (breast lift) to tighten and remove the extra skin, restore the breasts to a perkier shape and also to decrease the nipple areolar size.

Some women’s breasts have Pseudoptosis following pregnancy and breast feeding. This is when the breast size has decreased and the breasts are left looking deflated. The nipples sit above the inframammary crease therefore the patient generally would not benefit from a breast lift. Usually a breast implants will restore the fullness to the breast and give the patient with Pseudoptosis a good surgical outcome.

Some women whose breasts don’t have extra sagging skin, , but the nipples would benefit from being slightly raised on one or both breasts a crescent mastopexy might be a suitable surgery option. This lift achieves minimum lift so it is not recommended on patients with severe sagging and nipples at or below the breast crease.

In women whose breasts are droopy, the nipples are pointing down or are below the breast crease and the breasts lacks volume, these patients would be candidates for a breast lift with implants.

Breast lift surgery will improve the shape of the breasts, improve the location of the nipples and the breast implants will restore size and firmness to the breasts.

Actual Patient Cynthia

Improving the appearance of your breasts after childbirth

The type of cosmetic surgery procedures varies from patient to patient. It is very common for women after giving birth to want to improve the appearance of their bodies with breast enhancement surgery.

For the best plastic surgery results, Dr. Corbin recommends that the patient not be breast feeding, be at their normal hormone levels and as close to their ideal weight as possible.

Cynthia’s testimonial of breast implants post babies

I came to Dr. Corbin after I breastfed my daughter for eight months. I was only 22, but my breasts looked so much older. When I decided to see Dr. Corbin for a breast augmentation, I was excited because I knew he would take great care of me and he did!

About four years , I got pregnant with my third child. I gained about 40 pounds and I was really worried about the effect the pregnancy and weight gain would have on my breasts and the previous work I had done. During pregnancy my breasts were obviously changing, but only in size. Breast feeding my newborn was not affected either! Everything went back to normal eventually, even after breast feeding again!

I have recommended many patients to Dr. Corbin and I plan to bring in many more. He is a very skilled surgeon and his staff is wonderful too. I could not be happier as a woman who gave birth to 3 beautiful children and breast fed too. My breasts look beautiful. I feel blessed and if I ever need any additional work, I am definitely going to Dr. Corbin. If you are considering using him as your doctor, don’t worry. He is honest, talented and he and his staff will take the best care of you.

Sincerely, Cynthia

Your first step to beautiful breasts

To see what cosmetic surgery would be right for you call Dr. Corbin’s office at (714) 671-3033 or Click here for a complimentary cosmetic consultation. Your personal cosmetic consultation and beautiful breasts are just a phone call away.

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